Could the Anti Smoking Law in the UK Take Bingo Players On to the Internet?

by Heath on April 3rd, 2021

An abundance has been written in the papers not long ago regarding the bingo industry struggling as a consequence of the cigarette ban in England. Things have become so awful that in Scotland the Bingo industry has asked for huge tax cuts to help keep the industry from going bankrupt. However will the web variation of this traditional game present a escape, or might it never compare to its real life kin?

Bingo has been an classic game historically enjoyed by the "blue haired" generation. However the game recently had experienced a recent increase in appeal with younger members of society deciding to visit the bingo parlours instead of the clubs on a Saturday night. This is all about to change with the legislating of the smoking ban throughout England and Wales.

No more will players be able to smoke while dabbing numbers. From the summer of 2007 every public area will no longer be permitted to allow smoking in their venues and this includes Bingo parlors, which are possibly the most favored areas where players enjoy smoking.

The results of the cigarette ban can already be felt in Scotland where smoking is already not allowed in the bingo parlours. Numbers have dropped and the business is beyond a doubt fighting for its life. But where have the players gone? Obviously they haven’t given up on this familiar game?

The answer is on the net. Players are now realizing that they can gamble on bingo from their computer whilst enjoying a beer and smoke and in the end, have a chance at huge cash rewards. This is a recent development and has timed itself just about perfectly with the ban on cigarettes.

Of course wagering on on the internet is unlikely to replace the communal part of going over to the bingo parlor, but for a group of players the governing edicts have left many bingo players with no choice.

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