Can the Cigarette Ban in England Take Bingo Enthusiasts Online?

by Heath on April 6th, 2021

Much has been talked in the press recently regarding the bingo industry singing the blues as a result of the cigarette ban in England. Conditions have become so awful that in Scotland the Bingo industry has asked for massive tax breaks to assist in keeping the industry from going bankrupt. However does the internet adaptation of this classic game present a escape, or will it not compare to its land based kin?

Bingo has been an familiar game historically played by the "blue rinse" generation. However the game recently had seen a recent increase in acceptance with younger people opting to go to the bingo halls instead of the bars on a Friday night. All this is about to be destroyed with the legislating of the smoking ban throughout United Kingdom.

Players will no longer be allowed to smoke whilst marking numbers. Starting in the summer of 2007 all public areas will not be permitted to allow cigarettes in their venues and this includes Bingo halls, which are possibly the most favored areas where folks enjoy smoking.

The effects of the anti smoking law can already be observed in Scotland where smoking is already not permitted in the bingo halls. Players have dropped and the industry is absolutely struggling for its life. But where did all the players go? Obviously they haven’t forgotten this classic game?

The answer is on the internet. Players know that they can enjoy bingo in front of their computer at the same time enjoying a beer and fag and still enjoy big jackpots. This is a recent phenomenon and has happened just about perfectly with the ban on cigarettes.

Of course wagering on on the net could never replace the social aspect of heading down to the bingo hall, but for a demographic of players the law has left a lot of bingo players with no alternative.

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